If you want to donate...

Replacing an item of furniture or electrical goods?

We will collect up to six items FREE OF CHARGE – provided they are in good condition!

What we can accept…

  • Household Furniture
  • Electrical goods which are re-useable (except TV’s and Computers)
  • Bric-a-Brac
  • We are also in a position to accept Commercial donations                                                                             

What we can’t accept…

  • Items which are stained or worn
  • Gas cookers
  • Any upholstered Goods without Regulation fire Labels (e.g. Suites, Mattresses, Chairs)


If you have something you want to donate, please click the link below to complete our donation form.

House Clearances & Removals

We class any more than six items a house clearance or removal

Please contact us at office@recapnl.org.uk or on 01236 728872 to get a quote.
In order for us to help you efficiently, please include a list of all items you wish to be uplifted in your email or have a list ready when you phone.